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Division Requirements:
-MUST possess the rank of Patrol Officer or higher!
- Must be willing to learn.
- Must be willing to follow instructions given to you by the head crooks.
- Must be willing to abide by all Civilian rules and regulations.

It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to join a division like this. You will be expected to be able to role-play and play realistically. If not, you can and will be terminated from this division.

Your application will be reviewed by the commanders of the Civilians, we will NOT accept any half-done applications, so make sure you use good grammar and vocabulary. If you have any past Internal Affairs reports or complaints please speak to Paddy jack666.

NOTE: You will need to contact Paddy jack666 if you do not meet the requirements.

Do you currently have any Internal Affairs reports on file to your knowledge?
Why do you want the join the Civilians?
How do you stand out from everyone else?
What is your age?
Can you take orders, and listen to the civilian commanders?
Do you meet and understand our current policies and requirements?
How long have you been in the clan?
What is your current rank?
Are questions 2 and 3 answered in complete sentences?
Are your skills and knowledge worthy of a Civilian Certification?
Are you willing to learn, and follow orders given to you?