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Clan Requirements:
- Must be 14 years of age or maintain a maturity level of a decent nature
- Must have Xbox Live Gold and Grand Theft Auto V (GTA IV is a plus)
- Must have a working headset, and a working Smart Phone or laptop accessible during patrols
- Must be willing to abide by all our rules and regulations

We will receive your application when you submit it. Please be sure to use great grammar and fill in every answer with truthful information.

Your application on average will take 1-2 days to process, after that time we will notify you on this website regarding your status.

NOTE: You need to register WITH YOUR GAMER-TAG before applying, otherwise it will not go through!

How did you find San Andreas State 911? (If someone recruited you, put their name here)
First Name:
Your country, state, or province:
Your local time zone:
Do you have a Xbox Live Gold membership?:
Do you have a fully functional headset?:
Do you have GTA V & GTA IV?:
Do you have connection issues?:
How often could you access our website? (We prefer lower ranked officers to check it every other day, and high ranked should check it everyday):
Would you have access to a smart phone or computer during patrols?:
How often could you attend our patrols?:
Do you have any police or emergency service experience in real life, or videogame? (please explain):
Which department are you applying for?:
Why do you want to join San Andreas State 911?(USE AT LEAST 2 COMPLETE SENTENCES):
What can you bring to San Andreas State 911?(USE AT LEAST 2COMPLETE SENTENCES):
Did you read our rules and regulations?: