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Division Requirements
-MUST hold the rank of Corporal or above.
-MUST have patrolled at least 3 times in the past 3 weeks (1 patrol minimum per week)
-MUST NOT have any IA reports pending.
-MUST NOT have a high number of IA filed against you.
-MUST NOT have had disciplinary action taken against you in the past 30 days.
-MUST be assertive, & willing to go above & beyond.
-MUST NOT have sent an application to us in the last 2 weeks.

-We will receive your application when you submit it. Please be sure to use great grammar and fill in every answer with truthful information.
-Your application on average will take 2 days to process, after that time we will notify you about your status.

Note that parts of this application takes 2-3 sentences, make sure you use complete sentences.

Do you meet the requirements as stated above?
First Name:
Last Initial:
Date of Birth: mm/dd/yy
How often would you be able to access the SWAT forum?:
How often would you attend our patrols as SWAT?:
Do you have any Special Weapons and Tactics experience?:
Why do you want to join SWAT?(2 sentence MINIMUM):
Why do you stand out over other applicants?(2 sentence MINIMUM):
What can you bring to SWAT?(2 sentence MINIMUM):
Do you understand that SWAT is a tough division to get into, and that you must maintain a great activity level both patrol related & forum related?:
Are you going to be able to show up at least once a month for a check up or possible trainings?
Did you use good grammar?